A440 is a professional services company that dares to bring thoughtful, disciplined, quality consulting back to IT.

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A440┬áis named for the musical note that brings an entire orchestra into one voice. Our mission is the same: set the tone to unite IT delivery and business value. A440 focuses on Cloud Datacenter Automation, IT Service Management (Asset, Change, CMDB), and Business & Technical Requirements Analysis workshops. A440’s artisanal approach will bring exceptional value to your organization’s needs in project design, solution architecture, technical engineering, business performance, and team structuring.

Lou Troise, president and founder of A440 Consulting Inc., has extensive experience working with clients on over one hundred successful engagements throughout the US and Europe. Working with only the finest IT service organizations and brightest thought leaders, Lou raises the standards for technology delivery at these organizations in order to reach their business’ goals.

Principal is the premier A440 service, specializing in setting (or resetting) IT project business value and strategic delivery.

Principal is a proprietary and completely personalized process, which emphasizes a rigorous requirements analysis – the undeniable foundation of any successful project. But we go far beyond the normal RA interviews by focusing on impeding forces, team strengths, departmental organization, competitive landscape, and much more. Working with A440 on a Principal engagement will set the tone for the successful future of IT in your organization.

Orchestra is our way of bringing the highest level of technical consulting to your engagement.

A440 specializes in Datacenter Automation, Service Orchestration, and ITSM Systems Integration. We bring many years of experience across a wide variety of client engagements implementing BMC Server Automation (BladeLogic), BMC Discovery (ADDM/Tideway), and BMC Atrium Orchestrator. However, knowing these tools top to bottom and effortlessly harnessing the power of their integration into BMC Atrium and ITSM Remedy is only part of A440 Orchestra services. We will guide you around maturation pitfalls, staffing concerns, and secure the highest business value from perfecting these processes.

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